Doesn't work favorites mode

Hihi dear friends! Could you help me please.
I’m using yeelight LED bulb color through the yeelight and mi home apps. I have the last version of the apps (Mi home - 5.1.26 and yeelight - 3.1.20) but i have empty list of scene in preset modes in favorites.
I’m using Mainland China region and english language.
Read on the forum that for the solution you need my mi account: is that Евгений 1744181093

Please help and thanks

Favorites show the scenes you have collected, so you need collect a light you favorite firstly.

Hi dingyichen! Thanks for the answer!
Sorry for the inaccuracy. I meant the Recommend tab. I can’t see preset mode such as Sunrise, Sunset …
I’d like it to look like this:

About saving a light in Favorites. It’s another problem. I can’t do this because app shows an error message “Saving error”

Yeah, I see. You mean you have empty recommend scene page and you can’t save Favorites, right?

Hi, Evgenius, does the other service, for example “Favorites”,“Room”, works well?

Friends, thanks for help!
dingyichen, you are absolutely right

Hi, Sheldon! “Room” is working correctly. But i can’t save light to Favorites. I see error “Saving error” in Mi home and Yeelight app.Other services work without problems.

Could you clear cache data of Yeelight application and try again? We couldn’t reproduce the issue.

I cleaned cache through the standard tool “application” settings menu in android. Problem is still exists.

I have the same issue, except it says Saved Successfully although it doesn’t save anything. Please help

I just received 2 yeelight color (YLDP06YL) and I can’t save the favorites…

I can’t find a way to save the favorites as well