Does Yeelight has internal memory for scheduling when wifi is off?

as the title, can it turn on or off as scheduled when the wifi is off? At my home, the wifi tends to be off before I go to bed so I can’t turn the bulb off. The only was is to cut the power but if so, the bulb can’t be turn on before I wake up.
So I wan’t to know that does it has some sort of internal memory to store the schedule to turn on off by its own.
Another is if it use wifi to communicate why doesn’t the app has any wifi direct option to control it directly. Thanks
Oh another issue is I can’t set up a schedule when my wifi router is on but offline. Is there are any workaround for all of my issues?

Can’t confirm but I believe you need wifi for the schedule to work. The bulb has no internal memory and needs to be connected to a server to tell it when to turn on through your wifi.


You are right, Schedules are triggered from cloud, which means the bulb must have connection with internet.

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