Does anyone know about WiFi range of Yeelight bulb and ceiling light?

I’m about to order Yeelight bulb and ceiling light but i need to know about its WiFi range whether i can connect them to my WiFi router or not(My room is located at mezzanine while my WiFi router is located at ground floor). Can anyone clarify with me regarding this question?

no-one will be able to give you a right answer to this because there are so many variables that you need to consider like… concrete floors or wooden floors? insulation? other cables running through walls causing interference… what kind of antenna does your router have…

anyway to give you an estimation… the bulb’s wifi should be ok for 1,5 floors IF there are not think concrete-steel walls.
in your case i wouldn’t mind the wifi range AT ALL. it is so easy and so inexpensive to “fix” this issue like buying an access point OR by buying a cheap wi-fi repeater to do the job for you… this is the one i am recommending and it is super cheap.

Thank for your answer. I’m thinking to buy WiFi extender too. Will place the order soon. :yum::yum: