Do not remember the color

hello, I bought the lamp bedside 2. The problem is that it does not remember the last color used … if I chose a white and I turn it off, it turns on with a pale yellow

How do you turn off the lamp, by the button, the app or the power?

Thank you for. I make a reset without using the app all works well! but when I turn on the app and associate the lamp the problem comes back. and in this case if I turn it off with the app or the power on the lamp is the same the last color is not kept in memory

First of all, update the lamp with the latest firmware, then you have to set the default colour in app.

the firmware is up to date (1550163). I did a reset this morning … everything worked well and this afternoon the problem came back

the lamp has a defect according to you?

The lamp can’t remember last color it used by app? Could you make a video to show it?

It is confirmed that it does not come from the lamp. Because when I discossed the lamp of the app it was refitting. I did a complete reinstallation. I took the opportunity to change server. I chose the Singapore server and for now everything works. By cons, I noticed that when I turn on the lamp, it turns on for 0.5 seconds in blue and then regains its color memorized!
I’ll keep you posted on what’s next!

the same problem came back … I’m doing a video as soon as I can

Here are some news … Last night without interventions from me, everything is back normal!
In any case, thank you for your great product !!! One request: the French language in Mi Home!

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