Discovery response header is corrupt

Yeelight Color Bulb
Firmware version: 1.4.2_0061

I send discovery request to

ST: wifi_bulb
MAN: "ssdp:discover"
MX: 3

And I get a response (491 bytes):

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Cache-Control: max-age=3584
Location: yeelight://
Server: POSIX UPnP/1.0 YGLC/1
id: 0x0000000003330196
model: color
fw_ver: 61
support: get_prop set_default set_power toggle set_bright start_cf stop_cf set_scene cron_add cron_get cron_del set_ct_abx set_rgb set_hsv set_adjust adjust_bright adjust_ct adjust_color set_music set
power: off
bright: 1
color_mode: 1
ct: 4000
rgb: 1638655
hue: 359
sat: 100
name: 0JjQstCw0L3Ri9GH

There is a set value in the support header, but no set_name value. Looks like it’s just trimmed…

The device is working correctly (via Yeelight app too), set_name method is working, set method returns "method not suppported" error as expected

Is this normal?

I confirm I also got ‘set’ at the end of the support header when send SSDP request to multicast.

Confirmed, it’s a bug and will be fixed in next release.