Disconnected every day

Scuze me, i’m a Newbee … ans scuze for english i’m french.

I use Mi Home (Android on a Mi5s Plus, Xiaomi) with Human detects and door detects.
Recently, i added 3 bulb white and 2 color (for begin)

In Mi Home i cant use schedule : Dont see how to add a scene . (?)
So i added Yeelight app. (with Mainland server)

From first day and install i test, and test, and
Every day on Bulb color and white im’ disconnected …
So i close electricity and back , and its Ok for a time .

What to do ?

Note that i use Hue Philips for email, etc … notifications in the same house : Is it a problem ?

If i reset is it necessery to recreate all smart scene ?

Today i have deleted Yeelight App for using only Mi Home .

Thanks for your help !!

Could you have a try by using Singapore server?
Mainland server is server for China inland, so I suggest you using Singapore instead.

Thanks for your answer

But if i use Singapore server for Yeelight, can i continue to use Mainland for other device on Mi Home ?
Can i detect human (Mainland server) and if detect use Yeelight from Singapore Server ?


Edit : If i change in Mi Home app to Singapore region , is it Ok ? Ok for all Yeelights and Detects ?
Continue to use app in English with Singapore region ?

Sorry, if you want to use automation like detecting human sensor to open bulb, you can only select Mainland server.
And the devices in different server does not support automation.
Sorry for that.

Thanks !

So Perhaps the solution is to reset all Bulbs . I see only this .
If you have other , thanks :slight_smile:


Hello, do you have any update on this issue. I have 6 yeelights at my home and they randomly go offline. I need to use the switch to turn them off and on again in order to get them to connect to the network. Do you have any plans to fix this issue? It is getting a bit annoying as I am trying to stop using the wall switches.

We have been trying to identify this issue, but unfortunately, we can’t reproduce it in our lab. Could you please help to check the following?

  1. Have you updated all you bulb to latest firmware?
  2. How frequently you bulb go offline?
  3. What’s your router model?
  4. Next time your bulb go offline, before you reset the power, could you please check if the bulb still connected to your router? Maybe you can check that on the web console of your router.

Appreciate if anyone that encountered same issue could provide some information.

Could you drop a mail at support1@yeelink.net and help us to identify that issue? Appreciate!


  1. Yes
  2. Almost every day a few will go offline and I have to manually restart them
  3. Belkin F9K1103 v1 (01C) Firmware: 1.10.22
  4. The lamps do not show up the the dhcp list so most probably they are not connected to the router

Thanks for the fast response, I am looking forward to you fixing this issue. If you requare more data please feel free to ask me.

Was there power cut or scheduled reboot to your update router?

There was no power cut or schedule reboot, the leds go offline at random times.

How many devices connected to your router?

Any chance to try with some other router? You can easily replace the existing router with same SSID and password

10-15 devices on average. I cannot just use another router. I am also using Sensibo for the AC and I never had an issue with them disconnecting or at least if they did disconnect they manage to connect.

Any update on this issue?

We have successfully found the reproduce scenario.

Chip vendor has been working on the fix. Suppose will not take too long.

Thank for the update, can’t wait for the fix :slight_smile:

Hi, I have the same problem. when are you gonna release the fix?

We have released that fix one month ago. Which product were you using?

i have 6 xiaomi bulbs
1 gateway
3 switch
1 body sensor

Hello everyone! I have the yeelight bulb 1S the white version with HomeKit support but the 3 bulbs I have in my room disconnects EVERYDAY I have to manually turn then on and off (most of the times 2 times) before the yeelight app, google home or HomeKit detects them once more! This is very annoying since one of the perks of having smart lights is controlling them via voice or smart device and now they are even more complicated to turn on correctly than the regular old bulbs