Difference between this two models of desk lamps YLTD04YL and YLTD03YL


I need to know the differences between this two models of desk lamps, can anyone please help me to understand the differences?

Xiaomi Yeelight YLTD04YL Pro Smart LED Eye-care Desk Lamp
Xiaomi Yeelight YLTD03YL Smart Adjustable Desk Lamp

Thank you in advance for you help and best regards

YLTD04YL uses 88 SunLike LEDs from Seul, check following link for Sunlike technology.

No other differences between two models.


Very interesting. Thank you I didn’t know the Sunlike technology but I was informed on blu light and disorders related to it.

I also consider buying one of these two.
I also noticed that, according to the specs, the YLTD04YL has 650lm while the YLTD03YL has 850lm - so the YLTD03YL should be some 30% brighter.

In everyday use and real life, is there a big difference in terms of brightness, color or other features?
Does Sunlike really look and feel better? (Both are German TÜV certified to be low in blue light, aren’t they?)
Which one would you recommend to buy?