Device disconnected permanently

I got two Yeelight Color Bulbs from banggood, installed them and was quite happy - everything worked well. After two days one of them appeared to be constantly offline. I did reset it several times, removed it from the app, tried to reinstall, nothing worked. I tried to delete and reinstall the app, same result. Tried china, singapore and Usa server. Tried another network at home. The problem seems to be the connection between phone and bulb. Tried it on an Iphone (android before), no luck. The next day the other bulb went offline, same procedures, same problem. When I try to connect them, at some point the app will tell me “device disconnected”. What now ? Both are only a few days old.

Could you setup a hotspot with your phone, and connect it with another ?

Please post your Mi ID, we will have a look at it.

I am having the same problem. My Mi ID is 1791171313. I have the E27 color bulb and was using it on USA server. Could you please help me out?

Sorry for the issue, please let us know which step do you stuck?

And at last please use another phone to setup a hotspots with 4G network and try connect the bulb to it, I want to make sure if the bulb is ok. Thanks!

Thanks for the prompt response. Today I found that it had stopped working after changing to a 110V outlet. So I moved it back to 240V and it works!

Yes, the 220v version lamp can only work with 220v, good to know the reason and glad it works.

I have the same problem. My Mi ID is 1681045719

I have been facing huge error in my system lately just after the windows update and now when I was going to print some documents my canon printer offline windows 10 was showing like this. I don’t know why after the update this is happening.