Developer mode missing

I’ve received Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light (YELLOW)
and was wondering to discover that the software version of the lamp in MiHome is 1.0.3(3) which is different from white Ceiling Lights I have.
This version has no “developer mode” option so I have no ability to add the device to Domoticz automation.
Please advise?

There’s no option of “developer mode” (geek mode) in Mi home application, please use latest Yeelight app to enable itl

Hi, I use 2.3.20 version of Yeelight app .Looks like as latest.
The lamp appears in MiHome and operational, however Yeelight app can’t see the device so “developer mode” option is not available.

Please use Yeelight beta version application:

Or you can wait for our official release.

Thanks! The lamp is now viewed in Yeelight beta app. After enabling “LAN control” option, the colored ceiling LED lamp can be finally added and controlled by Domoticz automation system.