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Hi all! Firstly let me thank the Yeelight team for the great support I see here and the API I use every day in my intranet of things. Without it I would not have bought the three ceiling lamps I have now! :heart_eyes:


One thing I am missing very hard:
Please make the moon mode available for API access
I already see the status “nl_br” being updated, when I control the lamp via the remote.
So my guess is you are not far away from having the ceiling lamp react to, lets say “set_mode” and/or “set_nl_br” prop.
So in the future it would be great to activate the moon mode from the API. Thanks!


{“id”:1, “method”:”set_scene”,”params”:[“nightlight”, 1]}

You can put any integer between 1 and 100 as the 2nd parameter. 1 is the lowest brightness under night mode while 100 is the highest.

I will update the spec later, sorry for late documentation update.

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Thanks a lot!
So just to be correct about this:

Switch ceiling lamp to moon mode with API

  1. Switch on Lamp -> Lamp is in “normal mode”
  2. Switch on moon mode with “set_scene” as you described -> Lamp is in moon mode and corresponding brightness
  3. Change brightness with “set_bright”, right? -> it works for me when in moon mode, lamp reports “nl_br” instead of “bright” (or however normal brightness status is called)
  4. Switch back to normal mode with “set_ct”, right? -> lamp should switch to corresponding temperature setting

Yes, correct.