Desk lamp wouldn't update

Desk lamp wouldn’t update. Tried changing servers with US, mainland China, US(singapore) and even India but the update would go to 100 perc and gets stuck their for 3 minutes or so and return couldn’t update error pls help.

Current version is 1.2. 6_24

There was a bug in 1.2.6 which could cause upgrade failure in certain network situation.

Please try to turn off your router and then setup a Personal Hotspot on your phone with same SSID and password.

After your lamp connected to this hotspot, try upgrade firmware again.

Should I use yeelight app or should I continue with mi home app set to us server currently

Thanks worked like charm. For future updates should I use mi home app (with us sever) or yeelight app
Thanks for help once again

Any server, any app, it’s your call.

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