Delete "ghost" scene from server

Hey Yeelight guys. Is it possible to delete all scenes and devices from the server? Why I am asking? I deleted all the scenes and devices from the app on china server in order to move it to Europe server. However when I sync the devices on Google assistant there always appear one “ghost” scene in the yeelight action list. I cant get rid of it, since i deleted all by app but it remains. Is it possible to resolve this?? Many thanks. My id 1762031503

Could you please give me some screenshot?

Sure, the scene “Sunset terrace” never disappears. In my yeelight app the scene was deleted but google assistant keeps synchronizing it in yeelight action plugin (or better does not sync the deletion). Thanks if you can help.

Perhaps you had used “Singapore Server” before. And i find the scene “Sunset terrace” there.
Maybe you can switch to Singapore server and delete it, and try discover again.

You may be rigth that it was singapore server. I dont see it at singapore server too so that is why i was a bit confused about servers. Hmmm anyway problem is persistent. Do you think it might have happened that i first deleted devices and after that deleted scene? It somehow didnt logged deletion because of already deleted device? It would be a bug anyway.

It has nothing to do with the order of your deletion. I guess it maybe the network.Did you get the success tips when you deleted it?

I guess so, i didnt see anything suspicious until i found it under yeelight actions.

Wait a second. I see it when I logged in on my iOS. I will delete it and let know.

Solved. Under iOS i could see the scene and after deletion and syncing Yeelight action has deleted it. Thx for support. D.

Thank you for your feedback.