Default state on 'soft' turn off


I have this scenario at home.

One Yeelight and two Aqara Switch.

The Yeelight has power full time.
So I have one Aqara switch that has the turn on/off function.
The other switch has the change colour funtion.

The problem is the default state. The default state is only for power outage.

I haver a default (power outage) state of a Bright Yellow colour… but the change colour changes from blue, to red, to purple etc…
So when I turn it off (with aqara switch), it always remember the last state… and the default colour i wish is lost. I need to use the app no manually reach it.

Can you help me?
Or make the update on the app?

Best regards,

there is option named: turn on and set light

You can setup automation with that method, the only problem is need one more trigger device for that.


Thank you for your feedback.
I did test that option… but in fact, then it misses the turn off function.

Will there be an update in that function to “Turn on and set light or turn off”?

Best regards

That’s the point I have mentioned that you need one more trigger device.

No, I don’t think so.