Default state not saved as flow mode

Well, when I try to save the actual state of the lamp as DEFAULT STATE, a message appears saying DEFAULT STATE SAVED. Unfortunately, after turning it OFF and then ON, the state was not SAVED… I tried saving it multiple times, but had no success, to the point that I decided to ask for help.

It is not likely the app problem.Can you tell us your light firmware version?And is your phone iPhone or Android and is the app MiHome or Yeelight ?

I’m using the app Yeelight 2.3.09 on Android Marshmallow. I have not tried MiHome yet, should I? The bulb was running firmware version 1.4.1_45 at the time of writing the OP, I updated it today to 1.4.1_48 but same issue persists.

Upon testing it right now, I realized that I can set the Default State to any definitive hue color, but not to flow state, which is what I have been trying to do since I have acquired it. I want to set FLOW MODE as the default state. Is that possible?

Yes, you are right. Currently we don’t support flow mode as default state.

I see now. I have four RGB strips plus three RGB bulbs, the strips do support FLOW MODE as default state so I assumed that the bulbs would too. That’s a huge disappointment though for me in particular cuz I will not be able to complete the project I had in mind. I gonna have to spend more money acquiring a similar product that achieves my realization.

Moving on, Is adding this feature in the developers’ agenda? or is it already being dealt with? an ETA maybe?


No, it’s not planned because it’s very rare that user wants to see color flow when he/she just powers on the light …
Maybe you could share your project with US, we could possibly recommend some other methods.

No it’s not rare at all. I also wanted to have a default flow state. The three people in my office who also bought Yeelight were pretty disappointed in this. Sound like you guys dropped the ball on this feature.