Default color and brightness is ignored

Hello, I have a Yeelight Bedside Lamp 2 (Mijia), I want to set a default Color and brightness whenever a turn on the lamp manually, either using the button or the app for android.

So I use the configuration for this turning off the “Remember last state” switch, and setting a custom color and brightness as default,

The problem is that when I turn the lamp on after any scheduled event, it turns on remembering the last state of the lamp of the scheduled event, and ignoring the default color and brightness I chose. So turning off the “remember last state” switch is not working.

Could you please fix this behavior?
Thanks in advance.

When the lamp is power on, the lamp will remember last state whatever your switch on from app or using the button.

You can use “Set default light”, but this only works when the lamp does power outage.

Thank you for your response. I understand the behavior now, and I would like to suggest to add a switch for not remembering the last state and insted allowing to set a default state whenever the lamp is turned on. Just like the function it has nowadays working only for power outages.