Cut it?


Question, I have bought two Ligtstrips. I want to use 3,5M, so one of two doesn’t need any cut. But what about the other one? Let’s say I want to use 1,5M and not 2M, can I do something about this or not?

this might help:

Thanks for your reply. Cutting is not possible, to bad Yeelight doesn’t have lightstrips of 1M/3M/4M or 5M :frowning:

i suppose you can connect 1.5m from other direction?

Well, I want a ledstrip (2x) in my ceiling, but it’s around 3,4M in total, so any solutions to that?

I did buy it on gearbest, but they say its cuttable…

I want to make it shorter, not longer. So cutting is possible?

that’s correct. there is a scissor icon on the strip from where you should cut it.
don’t cut it anywhere else other than along the scissor icon.

Thanks for your reply!
If you have 2 ledstrips, can you ‘‘connect’’ them both via the app? So If I changed the light of one of them, both ledstrips are changing in the same colour? And if I turn one off or on, both the ledstrips does the same thing?

Yes. You can group multiple Strips or other lights.

Hi. I cut it in the place where the scissors icon appears and when I connect it and turn on that piece that I have cut it does not light up. I do not have activated wifi.

Bad luck, connecting not possible, only cutting. I did the same and now got only shorter stripe.

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Cutting is possible for sure. It will not affect performance. As for connecting I know that soldering RGB requires 4 cables so if you for example want to light up a shelf of 4 like me using one main controller and buying extentions, decide location and connect them with main at bottom most section. Should work. I shall attempt it later on.