Create function to turn on / off + select color on a Bulb

Hello everyone.

I have a question, I searched on the forum but I din’t find anything (sorry if it was resolved).

I’m trying to use a switch to turn on / off with different colors, for example:
Pressing 1 click turn on / off in white, pressing 2 clicks turn on / off yellow and long click for red.
I don’t know which combination of actions should I add to do that…

Thanks in advance.

you can combine the actions with scenes via automation in user profile page.

Could you give me a little bit more info of how to do that?

I tried a couple of things.
The first one is adding on single click adding the function turn on / off + “on with a scene” but obviously is always on and never turns off.

Second option I tried was create an action with “on with a scene”.

After that I created another action mixing turn on / off with the option activate or deactivate scene.

I’m creating the scenes directly into the switch device.
Would be fantastic if you can detail me a little bit more about how to do it, I have a lot of bulbs and strips and I feel a little bit lost! hahaha

Any idea about how to do it, looking at the images? :pensive:
I have to set up always a click button to only turn off lights and I don’t know how to combine turn on/off with a specific color.

I could be using turn on/off combined with 3 different colors but I’m using only 2 different color because that problem.


I join the question. Scenes with colours that I have created in Yeelight app doesn’t appear in Mi Home app. :thinking:

Hey @lightmaster I think they are completely independent apps, lets see if anyone say a different thing.

Related to create a function to turn on / off + select color a bulb, after lot of tests I think is no possible…Hopefully I’m wrong. :slight_smile: