Couldn't link yeelight to google home

I have set My Yeelight app to singapore server. Anyway, no bulbs and scenes found after link account succesful in google home. Could you please advise what i am do something wrong.
My Id : 1590263070

@yusure please help

@Skorpion, I found you have connected your devices to Mainland China server, instead of Singapore server. Please double check.

All most my bulbs have connected to singapore server.
One way to resolved this problem is rename the bulbs in yeelight app & sync it again in google home.

No way. I found your devices on Mainland china server. Please double check which server you have connected in Yeelight app.

I’ve got the same problem. Could not add my yeelight to Google home even if i connectd to my account. May someone help me? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Same problem here. im connected to singapore server, my ID is 1817426800


Please show me your MI ID

I recorded your ID, please try link account again, i will see the logs.

Hi, I’m also connected to Singapore server and linked the app but it is just now showing up. My ID is 6272983257. Please kindly assist. Thank you :slight_smile:


Same probleme here in europe server id: 1572989636