Constant problem with Yeelight if one is turned OFF by switch

I have always had a problem with Yeelights, all of them. This simply must be a Yeelight firmware issue, I just can’t explain it. I have White bulb (2), Color bulb (2), strip (1) and Ceiling 650 (1). It happens with ALL of them. And as I have more devices, it is becoming a bigger and bigger problem to sort it out. But let me start from the begining:

If one member of the family forgets we have smartlights and turns off one of the lights (ANY!) by power switch, then I will NEVER get connectivity again until I turn off ALL the lights and ROUTER, and then turn on router and then lights.

If I reset router, then the light that was “offline” starts working, but 3 other lights stop. Impossible. And really unnerving! As I have more and more devices it is becoming tedious to turn them ALL off and on …

All devices have STATIC IP adresses on router. They are all on same Wifi 2.4ghz, same LAN segment etc.

When this happens… I am able to PING the device in question from ROUTER, but not from my PC. Sometimes this device even works from Yeelight APP (because it receives command from CLOUD!!) but my LAN communication is DEAD. Ping from my ultrabook which is on te same Wifi, doesn’t work! I reset the router - the lamp that wasn’t working starts working but 2 or 3 others stop.

It is driving me insane!

Any ideas?

I am considering buying another router. Constantly one device is going offline, I have a total of like 22 devices on WIFI (including all phones, computers, ultrabooks and bulbs etc).

So my question is: Is it better to make LAN-2-LAN or LAN-2-WAN with 2 routers?

I though using OLD router only for Yeelights and Xiaomi gateway (and 1 tablet that I use for lights) and putting everything else on another SSID (LAN-2-WAN). Are there any disadvantages to this?

I am not worried about internet speeds on second router (in case of LAN2WAN) because my internet is like 300Mbps down.


I don’t have the issue as you said. The lamp would comes back online if I switch it off and on by wall switch. Maybe your solution is right, there’s so many devices in your old router, and your router don’t have good capacity to support it.

So you can have a test: you can shutdown other devices but yeelights so they will disconnect your router, and then switch the lamp off and on from wall switch, wait about 2mins to see if the lamp back online again.

What model of the router you currently using?

It is Asus RT-N12E… I am considering getting ASUS RT-AC58U.

Yes, I can do the test, it is pretty hard since when I am home, wife and/or kids are home to, but shouldn’t be impossible :slight_smile:

Usually what happens now is that by accident, one family member turns off one light. And it is offline. In order to fix it, I restart the router (just soft reboot). Then the light is visible again, but i.e. 2 other lights dissapear!! I really can’t figure it out.

It seems you have too much devices connected to that router considering it only has 32M ram.

Try with a more powerful router.

So I have a Fritzbox 7490 and I have no problem with it.
All lights go back online when they are turned off and on again by the wall switch.
And I currently have 96 W-Lan devices in operation with this router!

Wow, you have a powerful router :thumbsup:

Yes, around 50 in the 2.4 Ghz and 46 in the 5 Ghz band.
And then every now and then up to 10 devices in the guest access.

Maximum number of concurrent IP connections

In router mode, the FRITZ! Box manages all IP connections to the Internet in order to be able to forward replies from the remote stations to the right devices in the home network. The number of simultaneous IP connections is not limited by the FRITZ! Box.

Since the maximum number of IP connections depends on the workload of the FRITZ! Box memory, in practice it may vary depending on the use of other functions (e.g., WLAN, telephony). Experience has shown that several hundred simultaneous IP connections are always possible.

I cannot get my light strip to turn off, very frustrating. I have several LIFX lights and decided for my under the cabinet lighting I would try Yeelights. But my mistake and I’m Not happy with that decision. Less expensive with a lot more issues.

In addition to that problem, the adhesive on back was noon-existence.

Frustrating I have no support to contact other than this forum, which is not a help at all. Not happy!!!

Open to any suggestion on how to solve this issue in getting to turn off.

You mean it won’t turn off when you press the button?

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If I have to manually turn off, that would only add to my frustration. I can turn off in device miss from the app but the light stays on, even when offline.

I have no switch, plugged directly into outlet.

Hmm, which strip is it??? My strip has a switch on it…


That is standard gen 1 strip, it should have button… (see image)