Considering changing the behavior of the on/off button in the notification

I think you should change the way the on/off button i the notification behaves because you dont get any visible response, only a clicking sound. If you have your phone in mute and isn´t in the same room as the bulb. You don´t know it anything have happened as the field displaying if the bulb is on or off also has long latency.

You have this implemented in the widget, could you mabye fix this in the notification as well?

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on home screen, you should see bulb icon illuminate when you toggle on and off. maybe it could use disable and on state but personally i do like current UI. latency may confuse some users…

for each bulb or strip, the app has off state, and on state with expanded mode. this is much better than previous version of the app. lamp should have a similar UI so as UX is consistent across the app for bulb, strip and lamp.