Connection timeout

I have a problem setting up my bulp it seems i m facing a common issue among this product since i found a lot of questions online about this. When i try to pair my device at 100% (from yeelight app) and at 90% from mi home app i get a connection timeout error.
What i tried :

  • reseting bulp
  • reseting router
  • check if wifi is at 2.4ghz
  • reset wifi
  • ping xiaomi server
  • set in settings china mainland as location
  • its connected to a 220v feed

I tried like 50 times to pair it with no luck! I read in this forum that normaly i should be seeing the bulp in the device list of my router but unfortunately this is not the case for me and i didn t find any inforrmation on what to do on this case.

Please use another phone as hotspot, connect it again and see if it works? If yes, there should be something with your network.