Connection time out


I cannot pair my Yeelight colour with the App. it shows connection time-out after it reaches 99%.

I have checked and the bulb is in the DHCP list of my router.

Tried restarting router and the bulb itself.

Please help!

Thank you

Could you logout the app and login again? Or you can ping “” to check if our server is reachable from your location.

Hi Wei, thanks for your help. I tried logging in and out - it does not help.
In addition, ping is successful and no packets lost.

Just to confirm, when i create a hot sport, the connection does work. Any ideas how to solve it?

You can contact your ISP to check whether they blocked the traffic towards our server. / (if you are using Singapore server).

Ok, so an update: i connected the second bulb that i bought to the coridor (further from the router), somehow this one connected to the app and works. The other one, which is closer to the router does not.

My ISP does not block any traffic, and given the fact the other bulb works, it is not realistic.

This is obviously some fault within the product. Is there any actual solution to this? I see on the internet there are a lot of people with similar problems. Why can’t you issue a fix or a guidance how to solve it? I am very disappointed with this product and will not buy again.

If you can connect the bulb through hotspot of your phone, then it proves the bulb is not faulty. You may try connect the bulb again, please make sure you connect the bulb through 2.4G.