Connection problems + bulbs become offline


I bought 5 yeelight bulbs and I can’t connect them. Some times I success to pare few bulbs with phone, but after I turn them off/on or just after some time, bulbs become offline in Yelight app. Then it usually takes 5-6 tries, with reset, to connect them again. Usually my iphone connects to bulb wifi and then when I am returning to app it stucks on 25%.

All 5 bulbs are always visible in my router DHCP Clients List. I use the 2.4Ghz network and my router is TpLink TL-WDR4300. I use the Iphone app (tried both yeelight app and mi home). I selected the Singapore server, my account is 1736831177.

Will be very thankful if somebody can help. my whatsapp is 972549032138


What firmware version are you running? Think the latest is_52.
I was running_48 but switched to the Chinese server and each of my bulbs then registered for a firmware update which is supposed to help connections.

I did have to factory reset when switching servers so a bit of a pain.

I am also with _48, will try switch to Chinese and update, thanks!

I may have spoke to soon. I updated all 3 of my bulbs which are in outside lanterns to_52.
They all connected and worked last night (on timer to switch on all night and off in morning).
Tonight only two out of three turned on. The other shows as offline. Strange that the one offline is the closest to the router as well.
A reset (switch off and back on with light switch) and they all come back.