Connection problem

I’m having trouble with my Yeelight LED Bulb (Color), I do not know what to do, the lamp does not connect to the cell phone, I used the two applications, Mi home, and Yeeligth, all possible servers, my router is in the required configurations .what can I do?

Is the bulb present in your DHCP client list (you need to logon to the router and check)?

Poderia me instruir para verificar isto.

With each attempt a new error.


Hello, Could you try to use another phone as hotspot, see if the lamp can connect successfully.

Hello, already tried on several devices, routers, in other house and the message is always the same, help please

Help please!!

Please provide your Whatsapp account or WeChat account, so we can assist you do some live trouble shooting.

Thanks 5519994346104 Whats App

I await contact