Connection problem etc

Hello, i just bought yeelight bulb ( color ), and i have some problem that i can’t solve. When i try to connect to my bulb via yeelight and mi home app the app said “connection timed out”, i try it like 10 times but always fail, and now the bulb disappear from my wifi list, i already try to reset the bulb, i turn off the bulb then turn it on again but nothing happen and still not showing on my wifi list, someone please help me

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For the case that you the bulb doesn’t show on your wifi list after “connection timeout”, you should reset it by turning on/off five times in a row. Could you use another phone as hotspot to connect, I suspect this’s something with your ISP.

I solved the problem! These bulbs unfortunately do not work well to set it up with 5G wifi networks. Surely the problem gave the coupling the bulb with the 5G network, ie with more than 50 Mb down. The first installation should be turned off and the lamp should be turned on 5 times until the bulb starts flashing with colors. Then we connect to the 2.4Ghz wifi network of our router, we add with the application our bulb when it asks. At first it will stay in 25% of the installation but have patience, because in minutes it will be 100%. Once the bulb is added, we can do the same procedure if we have more. And once configured everything, we can connect to our network 5Ghz, which as we have installed the bulbs and associated with our application of Xiaomi, it is no longer necessary to reconnect to the 2.4Ghz network again.

The bulb itself only supports 802.11b/g/n. 5G is 802.11ac.

I solved my problem :laughing::laughing:, when the bulb not showing on my wifi list i try to reseting my bulb, turn it of and on 5 times quickly, then now my bulb showing on my wifi list and i change my router settings to 2,4Ghz (from 5ghz). now i can connect to the bulb :tada::tada: