Connecting Yeelight RGBW to IFTTT

I wanted to know if there is a way to connect the Yeelight bulb to IFTTT.
Please tell how I can do this if possible.

Thank You

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IFTTT needs a server with public address, however, our cloud server hasn’t open its interface yet, so it’s hard to implement IFTTT directly. However, you can do it through other ways, e.g. find a server that supports IFTTT and then use an app to talk to this server, this app then can control this bulb locally.
We plan to support IFTTT in next couple of releases, or you can just use tasker in our Android application to achieve interactions.

Thank You very much.
Could you please expand a bit more oh how i could do it with a server, possibly provide instructions.

Thank you again

I just bought a couple of Yeelight Bulbs and I’m looking forward to IFTTT integration in the future.

Thanks for choosing Yeelight! We are working on that now, but as you may know, most of the work are on cloud side, so it won’t be ready in a very short term.

I found a way to control the bulbs using voice through OK Google, Let me know if you want a tutorial.

That’s amazing! Please share it with us!

I’d love to see how this is done!

check this out:

Hello to all,
I also bought a Yeelight RGBW LED, I love it and I hope that will soon be supported IFTTT. You have planned a roadmap and generic dates for support?
Yours is a great product and has nothing to envy to the best known brands, the only effort to make you learn and grow on other economic markets such as Europe (as in my case) is now to invest in the software and on the compatibility also with other platforms.
I am rooting for you.

Thanks! We are really glad you like our products. We have not officially entered US and EU market yet, but now we are preparing. IFTTT, Amazon Echo and Google Home support are all on our list, we will try to implement one by one.

Using a raspberry pi (or just a linux machine) and a android phone, I managed to voice control the Yeelight RGBW through Tasker and Ok Google. We can also do other things such as the lights change colour when we get a message/call. I will try and post this for all asap!!


Thanks for the reply guys,
I read over what you have written that in the meantime you can do so: “…you can do it through other ways, e.g. find a server that supports IFTTT and then use an app to talk to this server, this app then can control this bulb locally.”
Which app do this on iOS?

It’s just a hypothetical possible method and I don’t believe there is a real one yet. Maybe someday someone will publish one on github.:grinning:

Any news or ETA with support with IFTTT? I love Mi Home app but tasks doesn’t work… I tried everything with tasks and nothing happened.

Could you try “Yeelight” app and then you can set alarm and schedule a scene at specific time.

Yeelight App is compatible with Yeelight RGBW? I didn’t know that, i was sure that I can control my bulbs only with MiHome app by Xiaomi. With MiHome I don’t have issues with Schedules or Timer , only with Tasks. I tried to create Tasks with my both bulbs to open at specific time at the morning with specific Scene and the turn off again after 40 minutes and nothing happens. Also I realize that the timer is 5 hours front like I am leaving at China. MiHome inform me that it will open my Bulbs in correct time of Greece but bulbs light on in 5 hours ahead. I chose China server because with other servers can not locate my bulbs.

Yeelight App supports all Yeelight devices and provide a better and more elegant user experience. It supports more functions, e.g. music mode or developer mode. Please have a try.

Just for the knowledge of everyone involved in this fourm, Beta testing for IFTTT and Alexa.