Connecting Yeelight, Alexa and Gateway


I am sure this has been mentioned before but I cannot find it or am not sure if there has been an update…

I have connected my colour Yeelight to Alexa and it works well, on/off, changing colour etc… its great. BUT, as I had to put that on the Singapore Server I now cannot connect it to my gateway and use the scenes that I had set up. Such as when the front door opens the light turns on.

I am under the impression that if connected to Singapore server it cannot work with the gateway and the other smart home kit, if I change it to mainland China then I cannot use it with Alexa. Is that correct or has this been solved?

If not is there likely to be a solution or is there another work around so I can have both? I don’t want to choose between the 2 as that defeats the purpose of having the home kit.

Cheers and have a good day.

Singapore and China servers are isolated, you can only choose one right now.
MiHome team is working on supporting more and more device types on Singapore server right now, please have some patience.

Hi weiwei,

Thanks for coming back to me, I did think that was the case. Hopefully they will get onto that soon, thanks for coming back to me so quickly.


I guess I’ll be returning these lights. Why state they work with Alexa?

You can pick an LED Desk lamp in Singapore server, but not the LED strip. Then after you sync the similar device, it does show under Devices.

If we choose China, the LED strip works fine, but Alexa doesn’t work.

BS. Time to return the ones I left sealed to Amazon.

There’s no doubt that Yeelight Wi-Fi devices can work with Alexa.

Did you reset the strip and connect it again after you change to Singapore server? Datas in Mainland China and Singapore are separate, if you want the strip work in Singapore, you should connect it again.

Ok, it all works, but it would behoove YeeLight to create an online, down-to-Earth trouble shooting PDF, or make a sticky on this forum.

I tried Pixel C, iPad, and nothing would work on the Singapore server, no devices added after detecting and adding!

My Android phone, using YEELIGHT app, picked up the Yeelight LED strip wifi broadcast immediately using the SIngapore server. So now Alex works.

I figured out the reset myself, maybe it was buried in the 4 lines of the manual? Unplug, hold power while powering up until LEDs cycle through Rainbow effect and you will have cleared the device and blinking yellow again.

Sorry, we will add more instruction (in English) in future product and our App. Our global market work just starts, please have some patience.