Command with Google Assistant with french language


Could some of you give me the list of command to control our yeelight light with google assistant but in french ?

I found how to enable/disable a light, how to set color, but not how to start a scene.


In English you say “Activate [scene name]”. But only if the scene is available as a home-device in Google Assistant, I think.

So try the French word for “Activate”. Maybe it works :slight_smile:

The french word for activate doesn’t work, it make a search instead.

[quote=“Zignature, post:2, topic:2698”]
only if the scene is available as a home-device in Google Assistant
[/quote] What do you mean by that ?

Also, Activate [scene name] is for scenario (Back home, etc.), recommanded “color” (sunrise, sunset, etc.), customized color (where you can create custom color animation), or for favorite custom color ?

All those things are scenes, I believe.

When you connect Yeelight to your Google Home, saved scenes are added too. Such as Sunset and Sunrise. You can find them in the Google Home app menu under Home Control.
In English you say “Activate Sunset” to start the Sunset scene for instance.

Another way to accomplish what you want is to make use of IFTTT.

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I can see my light in devices and i have a rooms tab configured but nothing about scene.

Also I don’t have google home, just google assistant (I tried installing google home app but it doesn’t detect my yeelight).

Hi there,

In order to activate a scene with the Google Assistant, you need to create all your scene in the Yeelight app first. And then you need to pair your Mi account with Google home. If you have created some scene after pairing, you will need to unpair/pair your account.