Colour Switching - RGB Bulbs + LED Strips


I’ve setup a group with 2x RGB Bulbs + 2 LED Strips which connect through the Xiaomi Gateway + Aqara Switch.

When you set the group to switch colour they all change to different colours (1 Bulb goes green, 2nd goes blue etc). Is there anyway for the switch colour function to change them all to the same colour?


iOS or Android?


As my understanding, you have setup automation with interaction between aqara switch and yeelight groups.

Could you please show me your automaton page?

Sure no worries.

Please try to add a new automation, and show me the options for your light group.

show me the first option in this page.

You can save color to your favorites.

Then select first option “Turn on and set light” in the automation list, then pick up the color you have saved.

All the color bulbs and strip will changed to this color when this automation rule is triggered.

Hi I understand that. I’m looking to have one button set to the ‘switch colour’ item in the group which should cycle through a different colour each time you click the switch. My problems is each light switches to a different colour not the same. When I click the switch colour button I want all the lights in the group to one colour ie - all four LED"s are green, then click the switch colour button and they’re now all red etc. So it cycles through colours.

Does that make sense? I understand how to set 1 colour. I’m trying to make 1 button cycle through on each press of the switch.


“switch color” will only send the command to bulb and say “turn on to next color”, each bulb has an index in it’s memory and it will change to index+1 color. So to make all bulbs change to same color, you have to sync up all the bulbs’ internal index.

How do I sync up each of the LED’s internal index? Will resetting them all sync them up?

power off and power on them.

Excellent thanks mate will give it a go when I get home and let you know.