Collecting Echo & IFTTT feedback

Hi Dear Echo & IFTTT beta users,

Could you help provide some feedback in this thread (either good or bad experiences)? We want to know how it works in other places besides China mainland.
Also for IFTTT users, could you tell us the way you use Yeelight actions? We will provide several official recommended Applets in our service when officially publish our service and we want it to be practical and useful.


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在外地 明天回家就试试

Hello, I’m from Italy, I tried Yeelight with IFTTT and seems to work well. To test I created a recipe for my Netgear Arlo camera that turns on the light when it detects movement and it works. There’s a little delay between the detection of the movement and the lighting of the lamp but I think is due to various factors.
For the moment everything is ok.

Successfully setup both Alexa & IFTTT. Installed the test .apk yeelight app on android device registered to Singapore server and added colour bulb, all working within the app fine! I have yeelight skill register in Alexa app, but fails to discover the yeelight Alexa device configured, changed default device name doesn’t help? Not had time to test IFTTT but will feedback once I’ve tested.

Thanks for your feedback! Have you finished account linking successfully and clicked discover devices?

yes, i was taken to a page then linked the account and I see the Yeelight skills listed but when I do a discovery the device registered under the test yeelight app doesn’t appear!

Just to confirm, I assume when the Skill is enabled and authenticated within the Alexa service a discoverin is against the yeelight Singapore server and therefore the device doesn’t need to be turned on?

Could you let me know your XiaoMi ID and I will have a check if your bulb is correctly connected to Singapore server? Or could you run the discovering again?

the previous image is captured whilst unlinking and link my yeelight account with Alexa. I ran several discovery attempts but nothing is showing up.

From the log, I found you have 4 Yeelight bulbs, but all of them are connected to China Mainland server. The .apk I sent to you may contain some bugs which may cause you failed to connect to Singapore server. Do you mind download the .apk again from the same address and re-try connect your bulb to Singapore server?

Currently I have 5 bulbs, 4 white and 1 colour. I used the coloured one to connect to the beta test app and registered to the Singapore server. So I would expect to see 4 mainland China and 1 Singapore. I can try and download the app again and reinstall. Won’t be able to test until later this evening.

Can you comment on the process comms between Alexa, Xaiomi and the device. Would be good to have a clear understanding of how the connections are initiated!

Got it, you don’t have to retry, the color bulb must have been connected to Singapore already.

I think I may found the cause… We only deployed a service in North America and didn’t deploy the skill in Europe, from the word “colour” I suppose you are in UK, that’s why you can’t discover the bulb.

I will deploy a skill in EU and you can try it later.

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Hello Wilson,

I suppose you last idea “We only deployed a service in North America and didn’t deploy the skill in Europe” is not correct based on mine experience and here is why:

I’m physically based in UK and have both IFTTT and Alexa and as well both Colour and White bulbs.
Been playing around all day long today and what I can say is:
everything works like a charm!

Alexa can control bulbs in both way: natively and via IFTTT. I had some issue with “DIM” options but it’s related to my voice and not to the application (Alexa just can’t hear me well enough)

The only (but very major) bad thing I’ve identified is: it works only if Singapur server chosen (I know, it was announced and I do really hope once you’ll go to PROD you’ll be bale to use China servers too).
This does affect me in that manner:
I can’t connect my Smart Home Gate to SGP so in fact my Smart Home things all connected to the different server VS Bulbs so bulbs can’t be controlled via scenes, switches and all other stuff, only verbally via Alexa.

Best Regard, Sergiy

Thanks for your information, Sergiy!

Regarding the Yeelight Alexa Skill and IFTTT service deployment, we actually have discussed and evaluated for quite a long time. Due to some privacy and political issue, the database/cloud (Singapore and China Mainland) has to be isolated, so to provide Alexa and IFTTT support for all customers around the world, we actually have to provide two service (one service can only connect to one Xiaomi cloud), which will cost a lot of money that we currently can’t afford :frowning: . Considering Echo & IFTTT is not popular in China, we decide to give up Chinese users and only provide services to international users. I believe from now on, all international users will be encouraged to connect XiaoMi devices to Singapore server for a better and faster experience, so please wait some time and I believe you will get the same function set between China & Singapore server.

For now, Yeelight users, you have to choose: either Echo & IFTTT or Xiaomi ecosystem… Sorry for that, hopefully we will fix it soon.

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Wilson, thanks for your fast reply.
So if I get you right, I should much more expect to see ability of connect my XiaoMi devices to SGP cloud rather then Yeelight devices (with Alexa and IFTTT) to my currently prefered Chinese cloud?
Have you hear any rumors about possible ETA when Xiaomi ecosystem can be accessible from SGP cloud?

BR, Sergiy.

Discovered successfully now, thanks. I’ll test the functionality when I get home and report back.

Colour light is working consistently with Alexa. Commands seems to respond quickly and for the most part seamlessly for on/off commands. Dimm commands work but from a visual perspective doesn’t seem to correspond to the dimm % instructed. When I say dimm 50% the light doesn’t seem to dimm by half, similarly if I say dimm 90% it doesn’t appear to dimm proportionately. Not sure is this is just my perspective. I’ve also managed to add a white bulb successfully this time without issue and once again this works well. Is there a comprehensive list of commands to use, especially in respect of the colour bulb options?

Theoretically all Xiaomi devices could connect to Singapore server, however, the smart scenes / inter-operation feature is not implemented yet and I don’t have any information when this will be ready.

Dim by x percent.
Brighten by x percent.
Dim to x percent.
Turn on/off “The scene is created by Yeelight app”.
Turn on/off