Choose (day/moon) mode at scheduled scenes


The sunrise starts at scheduled times in the same mode as it was used last. That means: when I used the lamp in daylight (sun) mode, sunrise will be applied in sun mode, too (what is way too bright). What should be changed: Selection of the light mode (sun/moon) in scheduls. Lamp size 4500


Good point, we will consider to add it. Currently there’s no way to select the mode for scenes(like sunrise or sunset).


Do that die sunrise and Sunset!
Thanks! This should not be so hard, because if you select ‘night mode’ moon modus starts- that means that the program code is already ready to change the mode in the scene area.

Please give me more informations at the given time.

Bye the way: i Love the lamp - it is a great product!


Hello @dingyichen, I am also interested in this request.
Can you confirm if it is planned?

Thank you,