Changelog ?

Hello ! I just upgraded my 2 Colour Bulb to the latest firmware and I was wondering if all the changelogs for each firmware are readable somewhere?

If you use MiHome app, there should be some changelogs. We will support it in Yeelight app later.

Nice ! Thank you for the fast reply :slight_smile:

May i know what is the latest firmware him?

which device are your referring to?

Color bulb, I had received the firmware update but don’t know what it is for.

I’m also interested in changelog.

Have 10 ceiling lamps and some bulbs and updates are available everywhere, but no release notes are displayed in app. It’s always fear to update, especially because i use local control everywhere and breaking change there could possibly ruin home automation.

On other hand, i would like to get new fixes and features.

Can i actually somehow downgrade to specific version?

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Hi, in app many times changelog in empty. Is there any access to full info on changelogs? AI am referring to all devices. Thx