Chaining Strips

I need to cover about 16 metres of strip lighting, but all strips must be the same colours as each other.

Is it possible to join strips together from one controller?

If not, is it possible to link several systems so they all track?

The strips are not extendable, each is a self contained system with its own power block rated accordingly. You can use 8 systems and group them into one for colour control in unison, but you would need to supply each of them with mains power independently. It’s acheivable but you may be better off waiting for the next version, check out the previous posts for details. Hope this helps.

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Thank you. I need to come up with a solution now. The grouping idea sounds like it will work.

Set up a room in Yeelight app and control all the lightstrips from there. Get a power strip to connect all the lightstrips to power.