Ceiling light

Hi I have bought a Yeelight ceiling light. The light looks great but it starts to blink rapidly after a month. The blinking is more frequent recently. The voltage in Hong Kong is correct (220v). I have tried to reset it by switching it on and off for 5 times but it didn’t take away the blinking. The control from mobile phone cannot control the light. What is the problem?

Did you update the firmware to the latest? If not, please do that, the blink is a firmware bug.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I assume when you say update the firmware, you mean update the phone app only?

My phone says the upgrade is version 2.3.20 which is supposed to be latest but I have difficulty to pair the phone with the light.

It seems I can only control the light with remote or the physical switch. But even when I use the remote and switch to “moon”, it blinks back to “white light”.

What should I do?

2.3.20 is app version. Please go to device setting page and check firmware update.