Ceiling Light with wall switch and moonlight

i´am using de Ceiling Light with a wall switch. So as configured in the Yeelight App with every switch to power on the default state of the lamp starts.
My problem is now, that i want the lamp to start the moonlight function in the night when it´s switched on and not the default.
Activating the moonlight function in the app does not help, although i tried time planes.
Is there any chance to realize this function?

Thanks in advance.

Moonlight function only works for the case you turn on/off lamp with app or remote.

There is no battery inside, so when lamp is powered on, it doesn’t know what time it is before it get time from network with NTP protocol.

You can keep the lamp power, turn on and off it with remote.

Ok, I understand.
Turning on and off with remote is no solution. I use a motion detector, so I don’t want to search the remote before having light…

Is it possible to create a function that changes the lamp status after connecting to the network?
For example I can make weak light to default an when the lamp is switched on and is connected to network it changed to brighter light.


Technically yes. But I don’t think that’s a common requirement, because it usually takes 7~8 seconds to get connected, if the lamp was kept in low brightness for that long, it’s kind of weird.

Yes, there you are right. 7-8 seconds are definitely to long.
OK, the lamp doesn’t work in my case - a pity.

Thanks for your support!