Ceiling Light switch

Hello, an idea for the Ceiling Light switch is to make a base to put the remote on the wall like a normal switch.

What do you think?

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We are coming with an even nice solution, please stay tuned.

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The idea is to create a switch that can be stick it on the wall and with the Yeelight app set every button what action to do.

Another is to create a door sensor or body sensor that turns on the lights you set when you arrive home and turn off all the lights when you leave it.

And if you can, create it with the funcion that is not necessari to have Wifi.

Any news about this?

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A Battery powered light switch with a toogle button for on and off would be nice. Or is it possible to share the code from the official remote control? So we can build a diy Bluetooth device that can pair with the ceiling light.

There are several Aqara switches available

Yes, but you have to use the Mi Home ecosystem

Well exactly why Mi Home exists :slight_smile: You just need the gateway, and that’s it! Then you can add as many devices as you want… and it is not that expensive

Yes but for a light switch a gateway is absurd.
And as I know the gateway doesn’t support the european server.