Ceiling Light in Yeelight App and Mi Home App

As we all know the Gateway only Connects to the Mi Home App when the Locale ia set to China Mainland. Unfortunately the Yeelights only Work with Amazon Alexa Yeelight Skill when set to something else then Mainland China. This is very unfortunate since I have to set the Locale in the Yeelight app to Singapore to connect all my Lights, and have the Mi Home App set to Mainland China to connect everything else (Gateway, Buttons, Sensors, Camera, etc… Does anyone know of a good solution to this? Controlling the lights through Alexa is wonderfull but my Sensor and Buttons are preaty useless currently. Any Solution to be able to use both?

Sorry, because the Alexa does not support China, so for the present, there is no way if you want to use Alexa and sensor with one server.