Ceiling Light blinks once after I reset it

I suddenly had my light dissappear from the Yeelight app and I wanted to reset it in order to add it in the app again, but after I reset it using the five times on/off method the light pulsates as it normally does after resetting it, but now at the end it blinks once. The app can’t find the light. I think the blink at the end has something to do with it. All help appreciated.


Please make sure you login with the same server, device are separate in each server.

It means reset is successful after you see it blinks, you can see if there is wifi named like “yeelink-light_ceilling***” in your phone’s wifi list.

I have the Led Strip as well, and it shows up normally, and works. This is all in the Yeelight app.

We have fixed a bug that may cause ceiling light offline, the firmware is still in QA and will be released in two weeks. Do you have any interest to do a beta test? If yes, please provider your Mi account, i will add you to our ceiling light beta test list. So you can update firmware of your light.

I am interested for sure! My Mi account is magicmalnsk@gmail.com.
How can i update the light if I can’t connect to it? It’s not showing up when i reset it. The wifi of the light shows up in my wifi list though.

I have added in ceiling firmware beta test list. You can’t update firmware if the device is offline, so please connect it again after you reset it. (If you have problem with connection, please use another phone, setup a hotspot with your mobile network, connect ceiling light to it and update the firmware.)

The light doesn’t show up in my Yeelight app. I’m using the Singapore server, as i’ve always have. The LED Strips work normally

Yes, you need reconnect it again.

It doesn’t show up when i try to add a new device and i choose the ceiling light product

I’ve logged out of the app and logged back in, and now the light can be discovered. What about the beta update? How do i know if I’m in beta?

Have added you in the list, please have a try with new firmware 1.5.5_0177. Please have a try again.

I’ve just updated it. Great. What does that mean the light acts as a gateway?

If you have other Xiaomi bluetooth devices that support gateway, you can get information of ble devices through network/mobile 4G.

For example, there is one device that support gateway from https://www.mi.com/mj-humiture/?cfrom=search, which is a bluetooth based device and has ability to know temperature and humidity of an environment. As you know it based on bluetooth, you can connect it with ble from your phone and it has a distance limit. So if you also have a Yeelight Ceiling light with gateway support, you can get temperature infomation from anywhere if it has network. (Yeelight ceiling light is a bluetooth/wifi multi-module device). Hope this can help you to understand.

How about other BT products from the mi line? Like the sensors for temp and toothbrushes? And how do i add them to this light gateway? Can i use the light in yeelight app and also in mi home app?