Can't toggle Yeelight on

Hi Yeelight,

I’m not able to toggle my lights using the Homescreen function. Please take a look at this video:

  1. First I press the homescreen button on my screen, nothing turns on.
  2. Then I go to my bundle of lights called ‘‘Kamer’’
  3. I turn it back off and on and they go on.
  4. Then I try the homescreen button again and then it does toggle off. Pressing it again to turn it does not work.

It works sometimes. Can’t really figure out when it does work and when it doesn’t

Please help

We never heard that softeware, we will take a look.

I’m experiencing the same problem with color bulbs! If i toggle on/off from the shortcut than i need to open the Yeelight app to let the bulbs refresh and get new state so i can make use of the shortcut toggle again…

this was an issue with the previous version too. it is really annoying