Cant Power on the Bedside Lamp

Hi folks,

I got only a short question.

I got 3 bedside lamps, and love them, but today I got issue with one.

I try to power on the Lamp but nothing happens, even App and manual no reaction. Yesterday all was fine with the lamp.

try to reset the lamp as in manual shown but it seemed the lamp got no power, checked connection but all is fine too.

Is there a last troubleshoot step I can try ??? , but think the lamp is defective and I have to send it back.

thanks for support and for all these great products which light up my life :slight_smile:

Which generation Bedside lamp you have? Is it Yeelight Bedside Lamp or Mijia Bedisde lamp.

It will be helpful if you provider a video to show it.

Have the same trouble… being using it for 1 year already…couple days ago it stop working…can anyone help