Cant integrate yeeligh color bulbs with Google Home

Hi everyone!
I am having problems integrating my yeelights 2 color bulbs with Google home.
I try to add the lights, it goes to the page to sign on in mi account and give permissions and then it looks like it is loading but it goes back to the page where are all the things that work with Google home and nothing happens. I dont get the things to add to a room. My yeelights are connected to the singapore server. It works with iftt perfectly. I also turned off all the applets to see if it was from that but it is the same as I described before. Can someone please help me?
Best regards

Could you post your mi account? we will have a look at it.

My mi account is

Did you try rebooting Google Home and resetting the lights?

I had that problem too last week.

  • I did a reset on 3 color bulbs and 1 white bulb and reconnected the bulbs with the Yeelight app.

  • I unlinked my Mi/Yeelight account from Google Home,

  • Rebooted Google Home

  • Linked my Mi/Yeelight account to Google Home again.

Works like a charm now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your sharing.

Hi, Dinarte_serrao

Are you able to sync successfully on your app?
I couldn’t get your request in the background.

I am not able to sync them in the google home app. When i try to sync a yeelights account on it, the part it comes to give permissions, i click ok and then it just goes to the page where are listed all the possible integrations with Google home.
On the mii home app is everything ok.

I sent you an operation video and a test account, check your email.

Hi everyone!
Just to tell that i finally made it. Just tried on another device, my tablet and it worked. Looks like it was my phone problem. Its weird since its a updated OnePlus 3T but now it works.
Thank you all for your help.

I have the same issue too. please help me solving this problem. I have many mijia smart home devices and yeelight colour bulbs are one of my favourite so far ( I’ve got 6 of them…). they work fine with mijia app but since i bought the google home wks ago I discover that yeelight products can be voice controlled by it (soooo excited!!) but after many many attempt trying to + + + + + and failed F F F F… (so frustrated) anyway, I know many of us are waiting for an official solution to this so please hurray and make us happy like you used to. thank you yeelight

Can you sync devices successful?

not at all. it keeps on jumping back to the bigining

You can try another mobile phone, Try to succeed.
Can you tell me your xiaomi id?

i only have iphones and ipads. all of them dunt work. my mi id is" +61452080503 "

Please tell me this MI ID, thanks.

Hi Yeelight Team,

Im couldnt connect my Yeelight color bulb to my Google Home. The bulb worked with the Yeelight app. Im currently living in Indonesia, using the US server (previously used the Singapore server).

Anyway you guys could help me check it out?

Mi ID: 1793852333

Thank you

First you should sync your devices on Google Home app, have you encountered any mistakes in this step?
if the error message is displayed, you can take a screenshot to me.

Sure Yu

I did. I pressed home control. Log in to yeelight action. Then it said that my device is linked. But nothing popped up afterward.

This is Google’s issue, you can refer to this link.