Can't find "LAN control" option, neither new firmware for white bulb


I bought one of your LED Bulb (White) and I’m struggeling to use it from and it looks like that the main problem is that I can’t set it into “Developer Mode” or “LAN control” as it is supposed to be called now. I neither can do a firmware update, right now I’m on version 1.2.4_18 and the app says that “This is the latest version”. As far as I understand setting it te developer mode is only working with Firmware >= 1.4.1_31

I can control if from the Yeelight app on Android. I have tried the USA server.

My MI ID: 1650766021
Bulb firmware: 1.2.4_18
Check for Update: “This is the latest version”

OK i found out what was wrong. The problem is that the USA server doesn’t have the same firmware updates uploaded as the China server. As soon as I changed to the China server and readded the bulb there was a firmware update available in the app and after the firmware update I was able to switch on the LAN controll which made it possible to use in Home Assistant.

I’m still posting this for people who have the same problem.

And for the admins here, could you be so kind and make sure all three servers have the same downloads available or even better remove all but one server so this mistake doesn’t happen again. You should instead use load balancers like everybody else.

All these servers are isolated not because of technical limitation, but due to privacy policy issue. All government, especially EU countries require user data to be stored in local machine, these data can’t be transferred to viewed by other servers.

We will make sure all the servers have the same version in future.

I see, is every switching on and off send to you even when I do it at home on the same wifi?

Btw. great work having staff who are technically capable here in the forums answering peoples questions in good english, I really appreciate it. Now that I know I’ll be able to use them with my home automation system I ordered 5 more, this time the RGB ones.

That depends, if the local discovery is working, then some methods will be sent to bulb directly. However, sometimes local discovery will fail, then all commands will be routed by cloud.

I have the RGB bulb and an iphone 5s with ios11. My Mi Home app is the v4.7.1 (the last one for ios) and the Yeelight firmware version is the 1.9(830)_35. I can not find any “developer mode” or “lan control” (I spend more than 2h on this forum but nobody is showing any solution for ios). When I tap on the “3 dots” button and then “About”, there is nothing more than the Firmware version on the center of my screen. Even if I tap multiple time on every part of this screen nothing shows up.
Anyone can help me ? Thanks

Of course, I am on the Mainland server already.