Can't connect Yeelight desk lamp to the yeelight app

I have had a yeelight desk lamp for about 2 weeks now and it has worked flawlessly but yesterday it was showing “offline” so I did a reset and tried to connect it again. I can find the lamps mac-adress and select it and the app shows the percentage going from 0-100 and when it hits 100% it says “Connection timed out”. I have no problem with my two yeelight rgb on the same wifi. What can I do to make it work?

Also my scenes that I make for my RGB lights disappears from the app after a day or so…

My MI ID: 1688877417

Thanks in advance.

Which platform do you use, Android or IOS?

If you can find mac address of the device, it means the wifi module is ok. And your another device works as well, i think your network it ok too. So do you have any instant message tool? We try to do some live debugging.


I’m using android phone (galaxy S8). Sure I have Facebook and Skype. And ican get other instant messaging service if you want me to. I live in Sweden so my timezone may wary a lot from yours.


I’m currently experiencing the same problem and I’m quite sure that latest fw update has do to something with this.

Was able to finally connect via both apps to the lamp by following steps provided in this post:

However it did not solve the issue completely, as after turning the router back online and moving the lamp to other room it went back to offline state in both apps. Guess that we have to wait for another fw update?

HI! I JUST GOT MY YEELIGHT DESK LAMP TODAY. And same with others, I can’t connect it with neither Yeelight and MiHome Apps. I’ve tried the different logins/ accounts and all and still no luck. PLEASE HELP ME. This is my id 6365747411. I’m using an Iphone by the way.