Can't connect my Yeelight Color in hotspot mode of my Xiaomi Redmi note 3 in 4G mode

How do you connect the Yeelight led color bulb to my Xiaomi redmi note 3 smartphone ? I’m not using external wi-fi router. I’m using Internet with 4G mode of my smartphone. I put the redmi hotspot mode but the Yeelight is not found.

Find another phone to connect the bulb through the hotspot on your redmi.

Thanks weiwei for your answer but I’m not sure to understand. Do you mean I have to control the bulb throught a second phone (or my computer ?) connected to the redmi’s hotspot ?!! Meaning I need 2 smartphones to control the bulb ? Sounds strange !

The bulb is designed to be worked through a router, if you don’t have a router, that means you need one phone to act as a router. That’s why it’s so strange.

Well, I hope this will be upgrade sometimes in order to use only one phone because using internet to control the bulb is already a pain…
Thank you again for your unvaluable help (even if I’m desapointed by this technical limitation of the bulb !).

Thanks for choosing Yeelight! Just for your information, all the WiFi smart device (from all vendors) will have the same limitation because all of them are built upon the assumption that user will have a router.

All right… Then we’ll wait until a compagny find the way to step forward ! Thank you again for your help.

Hi again, I turned my smartphone 1 (4G internet) into hotspot mode but I still can’t control my Yeelight with my smartphone 2. I installed MI HOME app. on smartphone 2 but I can’t connect to the bulb. Help !

what’s the error? Did you complete add-device operation?

  • In MI HOME app, I started the add-device procedure. Then the app. detects my “Yeelight Color Bulb643”. But after tapping on the bulb icone, it goes to a “Connect to Wi-Fi” window and stucks there with an error message “couldn’t find an available wifi network”.
  • I checked my phone 2, the wifi was activated and Internet was accessible (I also checked MI HOME app was connected to the cloud).
  • In MI HOME, I turned the settings to “Mainland China”.
  • I reinitialized the bulb (5 on/off) before each trial.

Thanks !

If it says no wifi detected, that means there no hotspot can be found, please double check your setup.