Can't connect 3rd party apps


I live in Australia and I was told that I have to set the server to Mainland China.
Now, when I enable 3rd Party and then go to Google Home or IFTTT and try to integrate Yeelight with my two LED lights, they never show up.
IFTTT was successful with integrating, but when I try to connect applets, it throws an error that it cannot find device.
Similar with Google Home, when I try to integrate Yeelight Actions, it’s never able to show the lights in my device list.

I changed the server to US, and if I scan for devices, it doesn’t find my two light bulbs.
Appreciate your help.

(Yeelight app and firmware of bulbs are up to date)

IFTTT and Google home don’t work if you select server in China. Select S’pore…

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do you know if I can use google home to set Yeelight to exactly 5500K?