Cannot setup Yeelight Version 2 with wifi & Bluetooth on iOS11

Hi guys.
i’m not able to connect the Bedside Lamp (Version 2) to my wifi & Bluetooth on iPhones 5S (iOS11).
i chose yeelight in settings > wifi
but i don’t know the password!! because i never set the password for this wifi. so i must type some word to get next step but The mi app stops at 100%.
plz help me to control my Yeelight bedside on iOS 11

In the network setup page, you need to input the SSID and password of your home network, instead of the ap started by lamp.

where is the network setup page extactly?
let me show you with screenshot.
1- first i turn on the bedside lamp
2- i get too Mi Home app on my iPhone
3- in Mi Home tab i touch the + bottom
4- in Selet Model Page, i see red dot behind Bluetooth icon like this screenshot
5- i select the add bluetooth device
6- in bluetooth devices nearby page i see bedside lamp, so i select it
7- in add bedside lamp page , i tick device is powered on and click the next
is everything ok until here?

in next step i must chose Wifi. which wifi too chose? i see bedside lamp in wifi option.shoud i choose this? or another one? Screenshot

No, not ok.

  1. According to the screenshot you have attached, looks your phone has connected to AP started by the lamp.

DON"T DO THAT! Keep you phone connected to your home network.

  1. Search Bedside Lamp in the so called “Select Model Page”, then follow the on-screen instruction.

  2. In the page asking for network and password, that’s actually need you input the network info of you home network, that’s how to make the lamp connect to your home network.