Cannot set favourite scene as schedule

I am using the latest application version 3.0.03 and bulb firmware 1.4.1_57 on both bulbs in my group. I am connected to the US server, previously used the Singapore server to allow Alexa control.

I am trying to apply the ‘Sunrise’ default scene to a scheduled timer to turn on every weekday, however the option to set a default scene is not present in the ‘Start Scene’ option, the only option I have is ‘Select Favourite Scene’ or ‘Select Customized Light’.

If I start the ‘Sunrise’ scene and save the current scene to a favourite called ‘Sunrise Test’, this shows up in the ‘Select Favourite Scene’ menu as a Flow Mode scene. If I then apply this, the bulbs turn on at the correct time but loads up into Flow mode, purple & red colours moving back and forth, instead of the Sunrise scene as expected.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Is there any way I can set a schedule on a room or group instead of individually on each bulb?


Facing the same issue here… it’s annoying actually… it worked in the earlier versions. Now because of this issue my morning sunrise alarm doesn’t work anymore. I hope there is a fix soon.


You have to recreate the sunrise flow in a custom flow then apply it.

Ok well that seems a little counterintuitive, if it worked fine in previous app versions, why is it now suddenly not working?

I also can’t figure out the custom scenes thing, is it basically just a way to set custom favourites with fading or colour changes built in?

This thread help me alot on the “Sunrise” scene and the customization.

Thanks, that thread is useful.

Still annoying that a previously working function has been removed but oh well.

Thank you. That explains how to customize a sunrise. But how can I schedule it?
Thank you.

Tried the schedule and it works… thank you guys…

I’m facing this issue as well, very annoying. Hope there’ll be a fix soon!