Cannot see Sunrise/Sunset/Nightmode Recommendations

Info: Bluetooth (1st Gen Bedside Light), US Server

I’m trying to do some cool things using the tasker integration but I cannot see any other recommended scenes other than “Dating Night”, “Movie”, “Birthday Party”, and “Home”. I would like to see and be able to use the following: “Night Mode”, “Sunrise” and “Sunset”, but they don’t show up at all. Do you guys know why I can’t see these options? Thanks!

If they don’t exist for the Bluetooth version, would it be possible to add them so that Tasker integration would be possible?

As we haven’t standardized the scene interface when the 1st generation was published, those complicated lighting effect is not supported.

That’s a shame. Any possibility they could be updated via firmware or software to be standardized? Also, is there any way to trigger Sunrise scheduling on via Tasker on this 1st Generation Bedside lamp? I can set it via the app, but i’d like to do it on Tasker set it automatically.

there is no exposed interface could make it happen.