Cannot find the developer mode for Yeelight white bulb

Hi there,
I connected the bulb to the app and it works fine. But I cannot find the developer mode in both iOS and Android mode. Can anybody give me a suggestion? I google it but just have no clue. Is the one I got an older version? Or is there any other way to enable the developer mode?


For Yeelight White bulb, only firmware version that over 1.4.1_31 supports the feature. You can find the access from Yeelight app, in the setting of the bulb.
So make sure you use Yeelight app and bulb’s firmware is over 1.4.1_31.


You have to go to the setting of each of the bulb to set the developer mode. For example if you have 4 yeelight, you have to select 1 first, then choose settings , and there you will see the Developer mode

Hope this helps

I got firmware 1.4.1_45 but I still cannot find Developer Mode in settings.
Someone any idea ?
Using Android Yeelight App

OK, got it working.
The Xiaomi app is installing some kind of Yeelight shortcut, but that is not the real Yeelight app.
You have to install that seperately and then it works.

Hey guys,

I sadly can’t find the developer option in the Android App. My Yeelight bulb white has installed firmware 1.4.1_48. App Version is 3.0.01.
I would be very happy if someone could guide me. Maybe I’m just blind.

It’s called “LAN control” now in new app


Hi! I can not find de developer mode option in de IOs App. I have in yeelight bulb the firmware 1.4.1_53, and Yeelight App the 3.0.07 version.

Please Help me!
Thanks in avance

I’ve got a Yeelight colour, latest firmware, and I can’t find the developer or LAN control options either, on Xiaomi Android phone, Yeelight version 3.0.06

Currently named “LAN control”

i can’t find LAN control. I’m looking at the page for Device, select the menu and get a choice of Customization, Firmware update, Message center, Integration, FAQ or More. under More is Server, Feedback, Terms of use, Privacy policy and About Yeelight. Am I looking in the wrong place?
Thanks for your quick response earlier, Jan

Open the app, click on the device. At the bottom of the screen, you see three icons. Click on the right one, there you find LAN control. Hope that helps!

Thanks!! I can do it!

Got it thanks! Now I can see the adverts from the light in wireshark and make queries from my Python scripts