Candela Gateway for Alexa/Google assistant

in the kickstarter page on yeelight candle was indicated a hub/gateway/bridge to connect the Candela to be able to control via wifi and services like ifttt and google home … No news about it?

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Please stay tuned!

I’m also interested. This is the only odd one out in my system. Would love to control it in some way automatically. At least on/off.

Subscribing as I too would like to have WiFi/smart integration.

Has it been a year since it the lamp was released? Was there a milestone timeline set to this? If no, better to assume its not getting it. :sweat_smile: i have 2. If it comes wif integration i would have gotten a few for the bathroom tub area! “Alexa, turn me on” seems like a good scene to have! :heart_eyes: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I managed to roll my own solution to getting this to work - using a raspberry pi, the script here, and ifttt to get the google home to do a HTTP call which triggers a python script. Fiddly, but it works!


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Any news on this? My first Candela just arrived for the garden room and I love it.

But imagine my disappointment… No Google home support. Oh teh horror. My other yeelights work perfectly.

Please make it available in Google home so I can justify it for myself to buy more of them to fully light the garden room…and probably anywhere in the rest of the house. :slight_smile:

And thx for the tip barbro66. But I want it so it makes things easier, don’t want to have to start ffing with rpi and domoticz and iftt. :wink: