Candela Gateway for Alexa/Google assistant


in the kickstarter page on yeelight candle was indicated a hub/gateway/bridge to connect the Candela to be able to control via wifi and services like ifttt and google home … No news about it?


Please stay tuned!


I’m also interested. This is the only odd one out in my system. Would love to control it in some way automatically. At least on/off.


Subscribing as I too would like to have WiFi/smart integration.


Has it been a year since it the lamp released? Was there a milestone timeline set to this? If no, better to assume its not getting it. :sweat_smile: i have 2. If it comes wif integration i would have gotten a few for the bathroom tub area! “Alexa, turn me on” seems like a good scene to have! :heart_eyes: :rofl::rofl::rofl: